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The Table – a set of emerging principles

A Set of Emerging Principles from The Table Dinner, Leeds March 2012.

The Table potentially offers a sense of belonging, no sign up required, a Free Association, a Community of Practice and Practitioners, a sounding board. The shape of The Table should organically emerge from the events rather than be pre-planned – this organic development is attractive to current attendees.

If we can agree what The Table ‘stands for’ (key principles) then any members /invitees can make an invitation – Aurora Lubos in Poland, Claire MacDonald in NYC, Chrissie Poulter in Dublin, for example. The Table as a ‘Staged Conversation’ that is witnessed and documented and where we as women are the theme.

Emerging Themes from an initial discussion:

Hosting and food
Intellectual and Creative Capital as mid career women – what do we do with this?
Exchange between artists
Doubt as a driving force
Confidence issues
Investigating the practice of being a woman and an artist concurrently
Collective Biography versus Autobiography
Private and Public Personae
Being in the present
Elders and how/ what to learn from them

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