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The London Table Dinner

The 3rd in the series of Table Dinners was held on Thursday 25th April at the amazing Shoreditch Town Hall. We had an fantastic group of guests including Anna Furse, Siobhan Davies, Tamara Rojo, Sue Parrish, Ros Philips, Jocelyn Pook and Anna Birch.

Thank you for an extraordinary evening, perfect ingredient of ease, intention, classy people, and fine food. I keep wondering if it’s a dream. (Ros Philips)

What a conversation! It was great to be among such a great group of artists. I look forward to continuing the dialogue in some shape or form. (Sue Parrish)

Thanks to you both for hosting this wonderful, enjoyable, stimulating event. (Jocelyn Pook)

Yesterday was actually quite profound for me and I am so grateful and privileged to have been at that the table. (Anna Furse)

I had a very good time,meeting wonderful women, which is plenty in it self. But the exchanges meant we could also talk about things that matter to us. ( Siobhan Davies)

Photos by Matt Veal

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