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The New Jersey Table Dinner

The 4th is the series of Table Dinners was held at Montclair State University in New Jersey on Saturday 19th October, on the occasion of Vincent Dance Theatre’s production of Motherland at Peak Performances at the university, hosted by Jed Wheeler. Montclair has a stellar season of work, and sits just outside New York so that we brought together a table of women from New York, Princeton and Montclair itself, including producers as well as artists, and several women who combine many different areas of practice, including Linda Brumbach, Salette Gresett, Liz Lerman, Jowale Willa, Liz Gerring, Shelley Lamberta, Bonnie Marranca, Emily Mann, Deanna Shoemaker, Fawzia Afzal-Khan Charmaine Warren, Debbie Saivetz and Ruth Ben-Tovim

We occupied the Boardroom, a huge window lined space with a view of the Manhattan skyline and we talked  about change, the power of change and the necessity of naming and working with the tools that we have developed in the arts that have wider applications, socially. Asking women round the table what preoccupies them at the moment and then what sustains them, generated a discussion that resonated with the other Table Dinners. As choreographer and activist Liz Lerman (whose earlier conversation with Charlotte is archived here) said; ‘we need to be nimble, to create structures that enable us to move.’

More discussion and reflection about this event can be found on our blog.

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