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The Brighton Table Dinner

The second Table Dinner supported by Vincent Dance Theatre and South East Dance, took place at The Basement,  24 Kensington Street, Brighton on Monday 3 December. This Table event was about how to find, generate, host and support opportunities for exchange amongst female practitioners across generations. Younger, emerging practitioners and more mature, experienced practitioners gathered together to discuss what ‘exchange’ might mean for artists and practitioners outside of existing mentoring schemes, collaborative making projects and informal conversations and to start defining alternative frames, practices, timescales, real time and virtual spaces for exchange and discover ways to facilitate wider cultural networks to share experience and ideas.

The guests included: Zoe Manders, Lou Cope, Becky Edmunds, Sarah Rubidge, Mine Kaylan,  Orla Flanagan, Amy Voris, Stacey Lister, Dena Lague, Holly Noble, Jane Coulston, Rachel Champion, Claire MacDonald, Sara Jane Bailes, Sue Maclaine, Marissa Zanotti, Claudia Kappenburg, Liz Aggiss, Tessa Howell and Charlotte Vincent.

‘a very stimulating evening. Well structured and graciously hosted’ Sue Maclaine (artist/writer)

the most interesting Monday night I have had in a good while, with excellent hospitality, lovely company, delicious dinner and lots of food for thought’ Orla Flanagan (Theatre Producer, Brighton Dome and Festival)

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