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The Brighton Table Dinner – Discussion Notes

Discussion Notes / Possible Ways Forward:

- A creative life might not be framed by a politic of living.
- Feminism and what it means today.
- The politics of not being paid – today’s internships for young practitioners versus    enterprise allowance 20 years ago.
- What drives our practice – the commodification of practice, the delivery of ‘product’ or personal politics?
- A sense that the younger generations are taught to think about ‘careers’ and jobs where more mature practitioners think back on just making it up as we went along, guided by instinct and with no real career path in mind. Do we trust the process more than the current landscape allows?
- Portfolio careers – perhaps the younger generation might think more of creating their own frame,  rather than try to fit one that already exists.
- For those in academic environments – does  institutionalisation dampen the senses, individual politics and practice?
- How can young people break through what they perceive to be the dance / theatre mafia in Brighton?
- Let’s all encourage each other to ask stupid questions as well as clever ones to break down mystique around practice.
- How can we realise and step into our social power, remain interrogative, inclusive, develop dialogue whilst remaining open and hospitable?
- Desire to collect life stories and archive oral histories of female practitioners online – a Table sub group might form to develop this as an on-going project.
- The personal is political, so let’s develop new ways of sharing that might be seen as more inclusive, less ego driven and ‘female’ in their approach by hosting each other on a small scale and without money changing hands – walking and talking, having a coffee together, setting up small networks, chatting online, having a picnic Table event where everyone brings a home made dish.
- What surplus resources do we have to share without money changing hands-  homes, desks, writing spaces, offices, book collections, archive, bootleg and rare performance DVD’s, technical kit?
- Could the Universities of Brighton, Chichester and Sussex all make their library resources available at no cost to practicing artists? What could we exchange in return?
- What surplus ideas can we share across generations and with peer artists?
- Could The Table website host a kind of ‘Table Gum Tree’ (online classified ad service) to encourage this kind of practical and creative exchange between artists as the Table network grows?
- Who wants to action something?

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