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Chrissie Poulter

Chrissie is a director/deviser working with actors & non-actors to create persuasive performances on & off ‘stage’. Projects have taken place in France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Spain, the UK and probably other places too! Training, creative outreach and advocacy for the arts are her other hobbies!

Chrissie’s latest collaboration in Ireland is: AdDress the Dail ! In 1916 It was a woman, Elizabeth O Farrell, who handed in the surrender note to the British alongside Padhraig Pearse but when the photograph was taken to record the event, she leaned back from view, hiding behind Pearse. Her boots are visible in the picture however, making it look like she was airbrushed out. It is as if she literally airbrushed herself out of the picture. AdDress the Dail will be a theatre spectacular that celebrates the possibilities of women stepping into the picture, not out…. of women leading as women.