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Deanna Shoemaker

Deanna Shoemaker

Deanna Shoemaker is an Associate Professor of Communication/Performance Studies at Monmouth University in New Jersey. She earned her Ph.D. in the interdisciplinary field of Performance Studies from The University of Texas at Austin; she also holds a B.F.A. in Theatre from Webster University’s Theatre Conservatory in St. Louis. Deanna is a performer and theatre director who has worked professionally in Chicago and in Austin, Texas as a member of Salvage Vanguard Theatre.

As a scholar/artist, her work focuses broadly on performance, culture, and identity, and more specifically on gender and race in performance, performance art, performance ethnography, the politics of representation, and performance and social activism.  Her research, ranging from studies of queer women in punk music, a Chicana comic book superhero, feminist performance art, and performative writing, has been published in Text and Performance Quarterly, Liminalities, Cultural StudiesóCritical Methodologies, and in The Handbook of Autoethnography, published by Left Coast Press in 2013.

Deanna’s most recent original performances include Mamafesto (Why Superheroes Wear Capes), a show that explores the impossibilities of work/life “balance” for women in academia.  She is currently touring Hauntings: Marking Flesh, Time, Memory with co-writer and performer Dr. Tessa Carr. This performance explores themes of decay, loss, desire, and transformative discovery through the aging female-marked body.  Deanna has directed plays by Paula Vogel, Jennifer Haley, and Lisa D’Amour, among others. Some of her favorite performances take place in the college classroom, where she teaches courses such as Performance and Social Activism; Performance of Contemporary Literature; Performance Theory and Practice; Food, Communication, Culture, and Performance; Voice and Diction; and Communication, Culture, and Community.

Correspondence to:  Deanna Shoemaker, Monmouth University, 400 Cedar Ave., West Long Branch, NJ 07764, USA.  Email: