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Sarah Rubidge

Sarah is a choreographer, digital installation artist and academic.¬† The focus of her work is an exploration of the dialogue between the body, movement and new technologies, in particular in interactive installations. Sarah generally works collaboratively with composers, digital artists, choreographers, programmers, scientist and others and is primarily interested in performative, installation spaces in which participants’ movements become an integral element of the installation event. These collaborations have led to several installations including Sensuous Geographies (2003), with composer Alistair MacDonald, global drifts, with choreographer Hellen Sky (2006) and Korean digital artists Kim Seunghye and Seo Hyojung, Fugitive Moments (2006) with neuroscientist Beau Lotto and computer scientist Erwan Le Martelot, and a Eros Eris (a digital performance work at the Linbury Studios, ROH, London) with choreographer Liz Lea.

Sarah writes extensively about dance related issues, and has published several chapters in books on Performance and Technology. Many of her academic writings are available on her website

Sarah is currently Dance Research Co-ordinator at University of Chichester, where she and her colleagues are supervising a number PhD students who are undertaking practice-led research, many with a New Media bias.