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Siobhan Davies

Siobhan Davies’ creativity comes from her belief in dance as a wellspring of ideas. She began dancing while a student at Art College and soon joined London Contemporary Dance Theatre, founding in 1982 the influential company Second Stride with Richard Alston and Ian Spink. She made her first work in 1972 and formed her own company in 1988, creating since then over 40 works to critical acclaim (Olivier Awards, South Bank Show Award).

Widely known as a key advocate for the recognition of dance as a significant art form, Siobhan Davies’ curiosity has led her to extend her work beyond dance into performance, visual arts, film and crafts. Her company, Siobhan Davies Dance has grown from a touring company into an investigative cultural organisation working across disciplines. It has a home in south London, Siobhan Davies Studios, offering a public programme of curated exhibitions and talks, participatory projects and classes.

Siobhan Davies has recently developed work for non-theatrical spaces: The Collection (2009) at Victoria Miro Gallery and Siobhan Davies Commissions (2011) at The Bargehouse. She returns to Dance Umbrella with All This Can Happen, her first film, and is currently working on a new work for 2013 in partnership with the ICA, London, Tramway, Glasgow and Arnolfini, Bristol.